We currently run LAMDA in schools throughout Surrey and London.

LAMDA is a world-class drama school in London that offers exams resulting in qualifications in both Speech and Drama that are recognized around the world through their Speech and Communications Board overseen by OFQUAL.


The choices seem endless where LAMDA exams are involved. Students can try their hand at Public Speaking, Mime, Acting, Verse and Prose, Musical Theatre, Reading for Performance and many more communications based exams.


The aim is to develop a love, appreciation and understanding of language and literature through learning and speaking aloud, and to offer a progressive education and training in communication through speech.


We recommend LAMDA Exam classes to primary students who:

  • Love expressing themselves in a creative way

  • Struggle with confidence

  • Need to work on their English

  • Have a gift for drama

We recommend LAMDA Exam classes to secondary students who:

  • Are keen actors and want to polish their performance skills

  • Love drama but do not necessarily want to take a drama GCSE or A Level

  • Are less likely to gain high grades in mainstream subjects and want to increase their chances of getting a good college or university place.¬†LAMDA exams gain UCAS points.

  • Perform well academically but need to improve self-presentation skills and gain confidence at speaking in public. Presenting work in seminars is an increasingly important component of university education.

Contact us to find out more to see how we can set up LAMDA in your school.