Being creative and able to express your emotions in a healthy and creative way is so important to a young persons development, but also to be able to do that in a safe and positive environment is just as important.

The teenage years can be high-stress times, with university looming in the horizon and everyday teen pressures weighing on the young mind. Self-expression is something that teens can have difficulty with when they are unhappy and frustrated. The performing arts allow for positive self-expression in dance, singing and acting through physical, emotional and vocal mediums.

I believe strongly that the performing arts should sit high up in the school curriculum, as it is a fundamental part to a child’s learning. Not only is the performing arts an outlet for expressing emotions and being creative but it also gives you life skills. In acting you learn key vocal skills and communication with others, this is a vital part of everyday life if you’re giving presentations, selling to others and communicating to get the best possible outcome.